Top 10 Strangest Things Found In Luggage

Sunglasses? Check. Bathers? Check. Fire extinguisher? Wait, what? It's the top 10 strangest things found in people's luggage!

A baggage delivery company, based here in the UK, called has done a study in to people's holiday packing habits... and it has turned out some quite strange things!

As you might imagine, some people would pack more clothes if they could, whilst over half of the people surveyed admitted they struggle to fit everything in their bags.

There were some notable exceptions to the rule of course. Instead of making room for extra flip flops or Bermuda shorts, some people opted to take along something a little more... out of the ordinary...

Here is the top 10 strangest things people have packed:

1. Framed pictures of dead cats
2. A wall clock
3. A set of dumbbells
4. Husband's ashes in an urn
5. 24 multipack of Walker's Worcester sauce crisps
6. A plastic carrier bag full of sheared sheep's wool
7. A whip
8. A fire extinguisher
9. A stuffed hamster
10. Approximately 15 'lucky rabbit's feet'


What have you packed for your holiday? Maybe get rid of the Hawaiian shirts and pop in some sheared sheep's wool. It could get chilly. Who knows?