Monday 23rd July: Lewisham to Wandsworth

All timings are approximate.

In Lewisham
7.21am Starting at Creekside
7.31am Trinity Conservatoire of Music and Dance
7.33am Creek Road A200
7.37am Deptford High Street
7.41am Giffin Street
7.43am Deptford Church Street (A2209)
7.46am Brookmill Road (A2210)
7.49am Stephen Lawrence Centre
7.50am Brookmill Road A2210
7.55am Thurston Road A2210
7.59am Loampit Vale A20
8.01-8.06 Lewisham High Street
8.17am-8.21am Rushey Green A21
8.23am Bromley Road A21
8.51am Bromley Hill A21

In Bromley

8.57am Bromley Hill A21
8.58am London Road A21
9.06am London Road A222
9.08am High Street A222
9.10am High Street pedestrianised area
9.11am Market square
9.14am High Street
9.17am Westmoreland Road B228
9.31am Hayes Lane B251
9.46am Wickham Road B230
9.55am Manor Road A222
9.58am High Street A222
10.04am Beckenham Road A234
10.27am High Street A234/Crystal Palace Park Road A234
10.34am-11,21am Crystal Palace Park
11.24am Anerley Hill

In Croydon

11.27am Church Road A212
11.38am South Norwood Hill A215
11.45am White Horse Lane B266
11.56am High Street B266
12.00pm Brigstock Road B266
12.11pm London Road A235
12.27pm North End
12.30pm Pedestrianised shopping area
12.33pm High Street
12.35pm Katharine Street
12.36pm Fell Road/Mint Walk
12.38pm High Street
12.42pm Lower Coombe Street (A212)
12.44pm Southbridge Road A236
12.45pm Davenant Road
12.47pm Duppas Hill Road A232
12.49pm Warrington Road/St Andrew's School
1.49pm St Andrew's School/Warrington Road
1.53pm Epsom Road
1.56pm Duppas Hill Road A232/Epsom Road
1.58pm Purley Way A23
1.59pm Croydon Road A232

In Sutton

2.00pm Croydon Road A232
2.23pm Acre Lane A232
2.27pm High Street A232
2.34pm Pound Street A232/Carshalton Road A232
2.47pm Chalk Pitt Way A232
2.49pm Sutton Court Road A232
2.50pm Pedestrianised High Street
2.53pm St Nicholas Road/ St Nicholas Way
2.59pm Crown Road B2230
3.00pm High Street B2230
3.05pm Sutton Common Road B279
3.12pm Reigate Avenue A217

In Merton

3.21pm Bishopsford Road A217
3.33pm London Road A217
3.37pm The Hub Sports Centre
4.00pm London Road A217
4.08pm Lower Green West A217
4.11pm London Road A217
4.14pm Raleigh Gardens A217
4.25pm Western Road A236
4.26pm Church Road A236
4.27pm Christchurch Road A236
4.29pm Christchurch Road A24
4.31pm Priory Road A24
4.32pm Merton High Street A238
4.37pm Haydon's Road A218
4.49pm Gap Road B235
4.56pm Leopold Road
5.01pm Arthur Road
5.07pm St Mary's Road/Church Road
5.10pm Somerset Road/Wimbledon Court Pathway
5.13pm-5,27pm All England Lawn Tennis front doors
5.29pm Church Road

In Wandsworth

5.31pm Wimbledon Park Road
5.45pm Granville Road
5.46pm Merton Road A218
5.48pm Kimber Road
5.54pm Garratt Lane A217
6.24pm Tooting High Street A24
6.33pm Tooting Bec Road A214
6.47pm Tooting Bec Lido Car Park

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