Sunday 22nd July: Redbridge to Bexley

All timings are approximate

In Redbridge

7.19am Redbridge Cycling Centre
7.24am Cycle Track
7.27am Forest Road
7.43am Fairlop Waters Country Park
7.44am Fairlop Sailing Centre
7.50am Sailing Boat
8.00am Fairlop Lake
8.05am Jetty at Fairlop Lake by Club House
8.09am Forest Road
8.16am High Street, Barkingside A123
8.23am Cranbrook Road (A123)
8.42am Emerson Road
8.44am Emmerson Road
8.44am Valentine's Mansion
9.10am Emerson Road
9.12am Bethell Avenue
9.14am Cranbrook Road A123
9.26am High Road
9.30am Clements Road
9.34am Clements Lane
9.35am Winston Way A118
9.36am Ilford Lane A123

In Barking & Dagenham

9.49am Ilford Lane A123
9.50am Barking Park tarmac path
9.52am Light Railway
10.10am Tarmac path to the south of Barking Park
10.11am  Longbridge Road A124
10.28am Lodge Avenue
10.32-10.37am Mayersbrook Park Arena/Training Venue
10.39am Lodge Avenue
10.42am Porters Avenue
10.51am Gale Street
10.54am Parsloes Park
10.56am Gale Street
10.59am Hedgemans Road
11.12am Dagenham Heathway A1240
11.29am Wood Lane A124
11.37am Rainham Road North A1112
11.43am Central Park
11.46am  Dagenham Show grass footprint
12.51pm Wood Lane A124
1.00pm Whalebone Lane South A1112
1.05pm Whalebone Lane North A1112
1.12pm High Road A1118

In Havering:

1.16pm-1.34pm London Road A1118
1.35pm High Street
1.39pm Market Place
1.42pm Laurie Walk
1.45pm South Street
1.48pm South Street
1.59pm Rom Valley Way A125
2.00pm Roneo Corner A125
2.02pm Hornchurch Road A124
2.18pm High Street A124
2.20pm Billet Lane
2.28pm Green space in front of Queen's Theatre
2.29pm North Street
2.32pm High Street
2.33pm Station Lane
2.41pm Suttons Lane
2.51pm Airfield Way
3.04pm South End Road
3.17pm Rainham Road A125
3.26pm Bridge Road B1335
3.28pm Viking Way - entry road to Tesco's
3.29pm Viking Way
3.41pm Upminster Road South
3.44pm The Broadway B1335

In Bexley

4.14pm Erith Yacht Club
4.47pm Trackway leading out of Yacht Club
4.49pm Manor Road
4.59pm James Watt Way
5.01pm Queens Road A206
5.03pm Bexley Road A220
5.26pm Erith Road A220
5.38pm Watling Street A207
5.51pm Bourne Road A223
5.58pm Hall Place Access Road
6.00-6.08pm Hall Place
6.09pm Bourne Road A223
6.11pm Gravel Hill A220
6.20pm The Broadway
6.22pm Arnsberg Way
6.24pm Geddes Place/Market Place
6.27pm Broadway A221
6.29pm Broadway A207
6.34pm Crook Log A207
6.39pm Danson Road A221
6.43pm Danson Park Road
6.46pm Danson House and Mansion

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