Thursday 26th July: Camden to Westminster

All timings are approximate

In Camden

6.48am Chalk Farm Road A205
6.58am Camden High Street A205
7.01am Camden High Street A400
7.06am Crowndale Road B512
7.10am Pancras Road A5202
7.11am St Pancras Gardens
7.13am Camley Street
7.14am Entrance to Camley Street Wildlife Park/Jetty at back of Camley Street Wildlife Park
7.19am Canal boat
7.29am Steps to Granary Square
7.34am Granary Square
7.35am Goods Way
7.36am The Boulevard
7.38am-7.50am St Pancras Station - the Market, the Arcade, Betjeman statue on first floor
7.50am Exit onto Pancras road through Eurostar departures
7.51am Pancras Road
7.52am Euston Road A501
7.53am York Way A5203

In Islington

7.56am Wharfdale Road A5203
7.57am New Wharf Road
7.58am All Saints Street
8.00am Caledonian Road A5203
8.08am Offord Road
8.15am Liverpool Road B515/Highbury Station Road
8.18am Upper Street A1
8.35am St John Street A401
8.37am Rosebery Avenue A401
8.43am Farringdon Road A201

In the City of London

8.49am Farringdon Road A201
8.55am Ludgate Hill
8.57am St Paul's Churchyard
8.58am Steps of St Paul's Cathedral
9.03am St Paul's Churchyard
9.05am New Change
9.07am Newgate Street A40
9,08am King Edward Street A1
9.10am Montague Street A1
9.11am London Wall
9.12am Entry to Museum of London
9.37am Aldersgate Street
9.39am St Martin's Le Grand
9.41am Cheapside
9.44am King Street
9.46am Gresham Street/Guilldhall Square
9.53am Prince's Street
9.55am Mansion House Street/Queen Victoria Street
10.01am Peter's Hill
10.03am Millennium Bridge

In Southwark

10.06am Walkway on Bankside on South side of Millennium Bridge
10.07am-10.11am Shakespeare's Globe
10.12am Bankside cobbled road/New Globe Walk
10.13am  Park Street
10.14am Great Guildford Street
10.16am Southwark Street A3200
10.17am Southwark Bridge Road A300
10.19am Marshalsea Street A3201
10.21am Great Dover Street A2
10.30am Old Kent Road A2
10.41am Trafalgar Avenue B215
10.47am Sumner Road B215
10.52am Peckham Hill Street B215
10.56am Peckham High Street A202
10.57am Peckham Road A202
11.00am Lyndhurst Way/Harris Academy at Peckham
11.57am Lyndhurst Way/Peckham Road A202
12.05pm Camberwell Church Street A202

In Lambeth

12.09pm Denmark Hill A215
12.10pm Coldharbour Lane A2217
12.30pm Acre Lane A2217
12.39pm Clapham Park Road A2217
12.45pm Clapham High Street A3
12.46pm Long Road A3
12.51pm Clapham Common Northside A3
12.53pm Cedars Road A3216
12:55 Wandsworth
12.55pm Cedars Road A3216
12.58pm Queenstown Road A3216
1.18pm Chelsea Bridge
1.20pm Kensington & Chelsea/Chelsea Bridge Road A3216
1.25pm Sloane Street A3216
1.28pm King's Road A3217
1.49pm Gunter Grove A3220
1.51pm Fulham Road A304

In Hammersmith & Fulham

1.53pm Fulham Road A304
2.00pm Fulham Broadway A304
2.02pm North End Road B317
2.19pm Hammersmith Road A315

In Kensington & Chelsea

2.23pm Kensington High Street A315
2.28pm Holland Park - tarmac path through park
2.31pm Park Pathway
2.32pm Opera stage
2.57pm Abbotsbury Road
3.00pm Holland Park
3.02pm Holland Park Avenue A402

Back In Hammersmith & Fulham

3.06pm Shepherd's Bush Green A4020
3.08pm Shepherd's Bush Green
3.13pm Wood Lane A219
3.22pm South Africa Road/BBC White City Grounds
3.25pm Plaque for 1908 Stadium at BBC Media Centre
3.42pm South Africa Road
3.50pm Bloemfontein Road
3.55pm Uxbridge Road A4020

Back In Kensington & Chelsea

4.09pm Holland Park Avenue A402
4.25pm Notting Hill Gate A402

In Westminster

4.33pm Notting Hill Gate A402
4.35pm Bayswater Road A402
4.47pm Lancaster Terrace A209
4.48pm Westbourne Street
4.50pm Bayswater Road A402
5.01pm Bayswater Road A40
5.03pm Oxford Street A40
5.17pm Regent Street A4201
5.28pm Shaftesbury Avenue A401
5.35pm Charing Cross Road A400
5.40pm St Martin's Place A400
5.41pm Trafalgar Square
5.53pm Whitehall A3212
5.59pm  Downing Street
6.16pm Whitehall A3212
6.19pm Parliament Square (St Margaret Street A302)
6.22pm Great George Street A3214
6.24pm Birdcage Walk
6.33pm Buckingham Gate
6.35pm Buckingham Palace
6.56pm Spur Road
6.57pm Constitution Hill
7.04pm Wellington Arch R/A
7.06pm Knightsbridge A4
7.07pm South Carriage Drive
7.08pm Serpentine Drive

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