340 Arrested In London Raids

Raids involving thousands of police officers have taken place across London, including the arrest of suspected drugs dealers and thieves.

The operation, called Big Wing, took place on Wednesday 27th February across all 32 boroughs with officers from firearms, air support and mounted branch all at work.

340 people have been arrested on suspicion of various crimes including theft, drugs possession, burglary and robbery,

Chief Superintendent Simon Letchford said:

"Gang violence, drugs, and knife crime are serious, high-harm crimes that can sadly have a devastating and lasting effect on local communities. However, there are also many other issues which might be seen as 'lower level' offences, such as anti-social behaviour or uninsured drivers, that we know can and do blight the daily lives of too many people.

"Officers from every part of the Met have been mobilised and will be out and about on your streets today, tackling the crimes that affect your neighbourhood."

The force planned to arrest suspected gang members and those accused of domestic violence, as well as executing search warrants and checking for uninsured vehicles.