Arrests After Hyde Park Waterfight

Three people were being questioned today after a mass water fight got out of hand and led to one person ending up in hospital and the temporary closure of part of London's main shopping district.

Police estimate around 1,500 people took part in the event which began at Hyde Park at 1pm yesterday.

Officers managed to disperse crowds eight hours later. By that time two male participants had been arrested over public order offences, and a third was detained on suspicion of causing grevious bodily harm.

One of the revellers needed hospital treatment after receiving facial injuries.

The water fight appears to have been orgainsed through social networking websites.

One posting advertising the event said: "As soon as the clock strikes 1pm, let battle commence - get as many other people wet without getting wet yourself! Last one with a dry T-shirt wins!!!"

High temperatures throughout the afternoon swelled numbers and what began as good-natured fun soon descended into a police incident.

Scotland Yard was forced to issue a Section 60 order allowing officers to search revellers in the area.

The water fight spilled out from Hyde Park corner on to Oxford Street, temporarily closing part of the shopping district whilst police tried to bring it under control.

The water fight eventually petered out at around 9pm, a spokesman for Scotland Yard said.