Beavers and Cubs Camping at No. 10

6 August 2011, 10:35 | Updated: 7 August 2011, 13:11

Cubs and Beavers have pitched their tents on the Prime Minister's lawn to help raise cash for children's health charity Sparks.

Fifteen boys and girls aged between six and eight, who are members of the Broomwood Beaver Colony of the 12th/14th Battersea Westside Scout Group, camped at Number Ten on Saturday 6 August 2011.

Assistant leader Fiona Williams said: "This is the first time I have been on a sleepover as a leader with the colony and I am very excited to begin the experience by camping in the garden of No 10 Downing Street."

For many of the children, the "sleepover" was be their first night away from home.

As well as being given a tour, they will get a badge featuring Number 10's famous front door to display on their uniforms.

It was designed by the group's leader Harvey Ward, who will be supervising their stay along with three older cub scouts.