Cycle Friendly Signals At Bow Roundabout

The first low level traffic signals in the UK, designed to help cyclists, have been installed in London.

They repeat the signal displayed on the main lights at a more comfortable eye level for those on their bikes.

They've been installed at Bow roundabout - with further tests taking place to work out more locations where they might help.

Low level cycle signals have been common place in certain parts of Europe for many years, but have never been approved for use in the UK. During off-street trials, which were carried out in partnership with the Department for Transport  last year, more than 80 per cent of cyclists favoured the use of low-level signals.

Transport for London has also written to the Department for Transport for permission to trial low level cycle signals at a number of other locations across London, and also begun work to see where else they could be installed in the future, subject to the on-street trials being successful.