Duggan Officer To Return

13 January 2014, 11:18 | Updated: 13 January 2014, 11:26

Mark Duggan's family have been told the firearms officer that shot him dead in Tottenham could return to armed duties.

The Met Police says the process could take a number of weeks following the inquest's decision that his killing was lawful.

The Met Police statement read: "Following the jury's finding of lawful killing in the Mark Duggan inquest the MPS will now start the post incident support programme for the firearms officers involved.

"This process includes medical tests, refresher training and an assessment of the individual officer's welfare. It is only after this process has been completed, which can take a number of weeks, that officers are eligible to return to carrying a firearm or commanding an armed operation if they choose to do so.

"Any suggestion the officers will immediately be deployed with firearms is premature.

"This process applies equally to those officers who carry a firearm or who are deployed to command armed operations."