London 'A Safer Place' After Gang Jailed For Supplying Guns

7 June 2014, 12:53 | Updated: 9 June 2014, 06:07

Met Police say London's a 'safer place' after they jailed seven gang members for supplying guns and ammunition.

The group were sentenced to a total of 54 years at Woolwich Crown Court yesterday.

Police say the gang ran a sophisticated criminal network supplying guns and ammunition.

The two ring-leaders, Paul Alexander and Carl Gordon - were able to help coordinate supplying the guns using smuggled mobile phones while in jail.

Five others, including Alexander's wife and step-daughter, have also been jailed.

Detective Inspector Richard Mills said: “During the period that Gordon and Alexander met in prison, they effectively became business partners, dealing in deadly weapons and ammunition. The firearms and ammunition they converted had the potential to cause great harm on our streets and there is no doubt London is a safer place as a result of this network being dismantled.

“This was a complex investigation by the Met’s Special Intelligence Section, which is committed to targeting criminal networks and bringing a successful prosecution. I would like to pay tribute to the detectives who have worked tirelessly to see this case to its successful conclusion.”