London Councils Earn Millions From Parking

9 January 2013, 11:31 | Updated: 9 January 2013, 11:33

New figures show councils in London are making more profit from parking charges and fines than any other councils in the UK.

The  Institute of Advanced Motorists said the top council "earners" from parking in 2011/12, all in London, were:

Westminster - up 8.7% from 2010/11 to £38 million

Kensington and Chelsea - up 31% to £27.5 million

Camden - up 18% to £25 million.

But The Local Government Association says the figures, which were obtanied through a Freddom of Information Request,  are wrong.

And Westminster Council have defended their earnings saying any surplus is invested in wider improvements to transport and infrastructure.

In 2011/12:

47.4% of the surplus was spent on the street environment, including highways maintenance, street lighting, street trees and street cleansing
26.3% of the surplus was spent on children and community services, including home to school transport, concessionary fares, Freedom Passes and travel permits

19.4% of the surplus was spent on transportation and infrastructure, including traffic management schemes, bridges and structures

3.7% of the surplus was spent on transport-related property

2.6% of the surplus was spent on city and development planning, including highways planning and transport strategy

0.6% of the surplus was spent on community protection, including environmental projects