London Students Cocaine Test

22 February 2013, 11:32 | Updated: 22 February 2013, 11:37

According to the Huffington Post, the London university is carrying out research into "comparison of novel detection methods of cocaine".

The email was sent to undergraduates on Thursday, asking for volunteers to snort the dug, then have blood, urine, hair, sweat and saliva taken from them over a four-month period.

The email asking for volunteers read:


You are under no obligation to reply to this email, however if you choose to, participation in this research is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time.

Who are we looking for?
Healthy male volunteers, 25 – 40 years of age, to take part in a clinical study involving nasal administration of cocaine. Medical and dental students will not be enrolled to this study.

What will happen?
After cocaine administration, repeated biological samples (blood, urine, hair, sweat, oral fluid) will be taken to compare and investigate how cocaine and its metabolites are spread through the human body.

What are the requirements?
Potential participants must be fit and well, have no past medical history and not be users of recreational drugs. They must be happy not to cut or dye their hair for 120 days during the study follow up period.

How long will it take?
During the first visit we will check your suitability for the study. The second visit (main experiment) will be around thirty days later and will take most of the day. We would then like to see you 5 more times over a 90 day period so that some repeat biological samples can be taken.

Will you benefit from taking part in this study?
There is no direct benefit from taking part. Reasonable financial compensation will be made for your time, effort and expenses incurred from completing the study.

Who is overseeing the study?
The study will be supervised by the Clinical Toxicology department from St Thomas' Hospital, London. The research team includes a medical doctor (registrar or consultant) who will be present at all times.

What now?
All participant information will be anonymised and held confidentially. All participant information will be anonymised and held confidentially. If you are interested in taking part and would like to find more information please primarily address any enquires to Dr Andrew Kicman (Chief Scientific Officer) at [email address deleted] were you will be provided with a full participant information sheet.