M25 Roadworks Investigation

7 November 2013, 11:45

The Transport Secretary is going to consider whether roadworks on the M25 may have contributed to a run of accidents on the same stretch of motorway,  which claimed the lives of two young women.

Patrick McLoughlin described the incidents that occurred between junctions 23 and 25 as "appalling" and said that he would be looking to have a "full investigation" to determine the cause of the accidents after a number of fatalities.

Conservative MP Nick de Bois, whose Enfield North constituency takes in the relevant junctions, raised the matter in the Commons during Transport Questions.

He said: "You will be aware that the M25 that spans my constituency, junctions 23 to 25, has had some serious spike in fatal accidents resulting in the tragic death of three people and two young girls during the course of one week.

"Will you urgently investigate the causes of these accidents which may include the road management during these road expansion works and let me know as soon as possible?"

Mr McLoughlin said the "appalling incidents"  had obviously caused great distress to the families of the victims "but also incredible disruption to your area, and I will want to have a full investigation as to whether to points that you have raised have any bearings on these particular accidents".