Man Collapses On Tube

16 November 2012, 09:35 | Updated: 16 November 2012, 11:23

Dozens of commuters stepped over a man who collapsed on the Tube.

The footage from Great Portland Street on Wednesday shows a man falling to the floor on the London Underground train.

The train remains stopped at the station after someone pulled the emergency cord, but commuters simply walked past him - some even stepping over his prone body as they got off.

Two off-duty London Underground staff were even filmed looking at the man, but still not helping him.

The man who filmed the incident, who apologised for not helping, said: "I could not believe it, he hit the ground with such force. People just stared at him. I wish I had done more to help but I was with my two children at the time.

"It was shocking that no one went to help him - people just stepped over him or stayed on their seats and carried on having a natter.

"He was eventually helped by a good samaritan after about 15 minutes of just lying there before the paramedics and police arrived to take him away."

A spokesperson for TfL told London's Heart: "It is distressing to see a passenger fall ill and in this case the member of staff responding needed to request more advanced medical support than the basic training that all our staff receive.

"He immediately requested an ambulance then made an announcement to ask whether there was anyone with professional medical expertise and began to clear the train of passengers.

"Medically trained British Transport Police officers, who were brought to the Tube network earlier this year to improve our response to this sort of incident, arrived quickly to assist Tube staff who remained on the scene at all times."