Met Police 'Breach Data Protection Rules 300 Times In Five Years'

6 May 2014, 11:45 | Updated: 6 May 2014, 11:58

An investigation's found that Met Police have been caught assisting criminals, selling confidential details and making racist comments online.

The investigation by the Press Association's found officers and staff within the Met - the UK's largest force- have breached data protection rules 300 times over a five year period.

Some had bragged about their law breaking and lied to managers to cover up the breaches.

Its prompted calls for the Met to carry out an urgent review of its security procedures, while campaigners are calling for changes to the law - so there'll be greater penalties for rule breakers.

The breaches cover rank-and-file officers, senior investigators and civilian staff.

Around one-fifth of cases ended in a sacking or retirement, while two-thirds resulted in formal action.