Olympics Security Tests on the Tube

Massive tests will be taking place on the tube this week - to learn lessons from the 7/7 attacks in time for the London Olympics.

A July 7th-style incident will be recreated this week as part of testing for Olympic security plans.

The London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (Locog), the emergency services and the Government are staging the incident at the unused Aldwych Tube station.

Two and half thousand people will be involved in the 48-hour operation, which will see a major emergency on the Underground network as if it was August 8th this summer - one of the busiest days of the 2012 Games.

National Security Co-Ordinator and Met Assistant Commissioner Chris Allison has told London's Heart it’s vital they are ready for anything.

He said: “This is a major part of our testing and exercising programme. Whereas the previous tests have looked at command posts, this is actually testing a large play on the ground and then testing the linkages between that.

This is responding to an incident at an Underground station all the way through the commend and control centres, the co-ordination centres and into the heart of government – a major part of our testing programme.