Passers-By Pick Up Cash

6 April 2013, 12:41 | Updated: 6 April 2013, 12:45

Police have been questioning two men after a suspected armed robbery in Walworth that saw loads of cash blow round the street.

Met Police were called around 4.30pm on Friday 5 April 2013 to reports a security van - which had just picked up an amount of cash - had been raided by men wearing balaclavas.

Two men been taken to separate south London police stations for questioning.

"A third man is still unaccounted for, it is understood he was armed," Heart's Dan Freedman explained from the scene.

"At least three eyewitnesses have confirmed that a whole load of cash littered the streets here and there was suddenly a free-for-all from all the people along Walworth Road running into the middle of the road as this car sped off trying to avoid - it would seem - this armed robbery.

"A lot of cash ended up in the road and then you had people frenziedly picking it up from the road, trying to get their hands on as much as they could.

Walworth Road reopened after being shut for a time.

Police say most of the money has been recovered.