Police Officer Convicted

5 August 2014, 18:20

A police officer based at Heathrow's been found guilty of assault after grabbing a taxi driver by the neck.

PC William Eliot, 45, had previously been summonsed to appear following an investigation by the Directorate of Professional Standards.

The court heard that during the course of his shift on 25 August 2013, PC Eliot, who was on routine patrols, stopped a vehicle within the grounds of Heathrow Airport on suspicion of taxi touting.

During the vehicle stop PC Eliot grabbed the driver of the vehicle round the neck. PC Eliot alleged that the victim spat at him when he was questioning him about his vehicle. The victim later made a complaint and the incident was also reported by a colleague.

Following the stop, the vehicle was seized under lawful powers as it was not roadworthy.

Following an investigation by the Met Police Directorate of Professional Standards, PC Eliot was issued with a summons to appear before the court.

Detective Chief Superintendent Alaric Bonthron, said: "The evidence put before the court included that of a colleague who reported the incident, this demonstrates that officers are prepared to report wrong doing. Now that the criminal proceedings are complete we will be able to proceed with the misconduct process."

He was released on bail to appear on Monday 18 August at Westminster Magistrates' Court for sentencing.