Police Officers Praised For Bravery

20 November 2011, 12:21 | Updated: 20 November 2011, 15:27

Four policemen who were stabbed as they tried to arrest a man in north London are being praised for their "outstanding bravery".

The officers were injured as they attempted to wrestle a butcher's knife from the man.

Two are said to have life-changing injuries.

Theresa May is wishing them a "full and speedy recovery" after the incident in Kingsbury on Saturday morning.

She said: "The bravery demonstrated by these officers is a vital reminder of the debt we owe the police, who put themselves in harm's way everyday to protect the public.

Commander Christine Jones, of the Metropolitan Police's territorial policing unit, said: "These officers put their lives on the line by confronting this man in what was an extremely violent and spontaneous situation.

"The four officers have demonstrated outstanding bravery and this once again highlights the dangerous situations our officers deal with on a daily basis as they carry out their duties keeping Londoners safe."

Meanwhile the Borough Commander for Harrow, where the officers are based, has added his own tribute to their actions.

Chief Superintendent Dal Babur said: "Harrow police have been inundated by messages of support, for the enormous bravery of the officers who were stabbed, and their colleagues."

"The local community has been stopping officers in the street to enquire on the condition of the officers and thank the police for their bravery.

Three of the officers remain in hospital and are undergoing surgery and treatment for their injuries, families are with the officers as they continue with their medical treatment , one officer has been discharged from hospital.

"We all owe a huge debt to the officers who put the safety of members of the public over and above their own , I have visited the injured officers in hospital and "A" relief from Harrow borough to extend the my thanks and pass on the support from our local communities.

"The next few weeks for these officers will be challenging as they reflect on their outstanding bravery in protecting our community and the impact this has had on them personally.

I feel truly humbled by the humility of the officers who were injured, and their colleagues, as they talked about this horrific incident.

"These incidents are rare but when they occur it is important that wehave brave officers who will not hesitate in dealing with these frightening situations"