Police Stab And Kill Dog

28 November 2014, 19:17 | Updated: 28 November 2014, 19:21

A Met Police officer's stabbed and killed a dog after it attacked a colleague in Lewisham and wouldn't let go.

It happened as police carried out a drugs search warrant raid in Lonsdale Close at 6.20am on Friday 28 November 2014.

Officers forced entry into the property and while inside, one officer - a 39-year-old male trainee Detective Constable - was bitten by a dog, which then clamped its jaws onto the officer's leg.

Other officers tried to remove the dog from the officer's leg and CS spray was deployed. Officers also called for assistance from a police dog unit and armed officers.

Because of a growing concern for the officer's safety and an inability to control or remove the animal, they decided they needed to use force.

The dog was stabbed with a knife by an officer at the scene and died as a result of its injuries.

The injured officer, who is based at Lewisham borough, was taken by ambulance to a south London hospital, where he was said to be in a stable condition.

He was due to undergo surgery for the injuries he sustained. No drugs were found at the address and no arrests were made.

The dog is not believed to be a dangerous or banned breed.

Police have received a complaint regarding the incident. The Met's Directorate of Professional Standards has been informed and the matter is currently being investigated by officers at Lewisham's Professional Standard Unit.