Queen's Coronation Outfit On Show

The majestic coronation outfits worn by the Queen and leading royals are to be the centrepiece of a major new exhibition.

The majestic coronation outfits worn by the Queen and leading royals are to be the centrepiece of a major new exhibition.As the world watched the monarch being crowned at Westminster Abbey on June 2 1953, they also marvelled at the clothes designed for the momentous day.

The exhibition brings together the dresses, robes, and gowns made for the Queen and her immediate family for the first time since the historic event.

Exhibition curator Caroline de Guitaut said:

"The 60th anniversary of Her Majesty's coronation is an extremely auspicious anniversary and it seems very fitting that we should mark it by bringing together this unique display.

"This will be the first time since 1953 that the outfits of the principal royal party have been displayed together.

"As Buckingham Palace itself was very much a focal point for the celebrations on Coronation Day, it is an appropriate setting for visitors to experience something of the atmosphere of that historic day."

The Queen's white satin coronation dress was created by the couturier Norman Hartnell and incorporated embroidered national and Commonwealth floral emblems in gold, silver and pastel-coloured silks, encrusted with pearls, crystals and sequins.

The robe of estate, worn when the monarch left the Abbey for Buckingham Palace, is of English purple silk-velvet and is more than 6.5 metres long.

It took members of the Royal School of Needlework 3,500 hours to embroider the robe with wheat ears and olive branches, representing peace and prosperity.

The exhibition will be staged during the summer opening of Buckingham Palace and will also feature the outfits of the Prince of Wales and Princess Royal.

Charles was aged four when he attended the coronation and wore a cream silk shirt and lace trimmed cuffs with cream woollen trousers and completed his look with black patent shoes with buckles.

Anne was aged two and too young to attend the ceremony but still wore a cream silk and lace gown with a silk sash and silk-covered buttons. On her feet were matching cream, silk ballet pumps.

The display will also include the Duke of Edinburgh's uniform, robe and coronet, and the dresses and robes worn by the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret.

Also exhibited will be a number of jewels worn by the Queen on coronation day including the diamond diadem, which features on postage stamps and some banknotes.

The Queen's coronation exhibition at Buckingham Palace will be staged from July 27 to September 29.