Russell Brand Won't Run For Mayor

27 October 2014, 18:55 | Updated: 28 October 2014, 11:35

Despite recent reports that he could be standing as an anti-politics candidate in 2016, Russell Brand has told Heart he will not be standing for Mayor of London.

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson said that he would be thrilled to see Russell Brand run to succeed him in 2016.

However, in an interview with Heart, Brand said he will not be running for Mayor, saying “I’m a comedian – I’ve got enough on my plate.”

“I don’t need to come up with the answers. People have got the answers. I want to amplify their voices.”

Brand shared his opinion on Boris Johnson's role: "I would hope that I'm showing up Boris Johnson.

"I can see why people like Boris Johnson because he's a funny bloke and he's got a lovely head of hair.

"But while he's joking, normal people are being turfed out of their homes all over London.

"He's the Mayor of London and he should be focusing on looking after the people of London like he was elected to do."

Brand has been in the news recently promoting his new book, Revolution, which outlines the changes he wants to see in Britain's political system.

Brand discussed his role in the political arena: "The reason there's so much noise is because what I'm saying is resonating with ordinary people.

"I'm a stand-up comedian and this is just heckling."