Teen Murderer Jailed After Bike Row

Danny Drake, from Tulse Hill, has been sentenced to life in prison for stabbing Alam Uddin after he lured him into a flat on an estate.

Drake promised the 17-year-old he'd return money Alim had previously paid him for a bike he never received.

Prosecutor David Jeremy QC said: "He was angry that (the defendant) had ripped him off. There were on both sides expressions of youthful bravado but nothing that suggested it would lead to a killing.

"The friends of Alim Uddin described the two boys as being wary of each other but said Alim was not angry or expecting a fight. He just wanted his money back."

"The stab wounds suffered by Alim Uddin and the complete lack of injury suffered by (the defendant) paints a clear picture of how Alim Uddin came to his death."

A post-mortem examination showed Alim died from multiple stab wounds, including one to the heart.

Detective Inspector Reid said: "There is no indication Alim knew how dangerous and fatal the meeting would be. I believe he went with the honest intention of retrieving the money he had paid for a bike he never received.

"I can only hope today's sentence goes some small way to bringing justice to Alim's family."