Teenager Sentenced After East London Stabbings

15 November 2014, 12:15 | Updated: 15 November 2014, 12:23

A teenager is starting a jail sentence after stabbing two men in a brutal attack in East London.

18 year old Ty Padmore was given fourteen years behind bars for attempted murder and grevious bodily harm after he stabbed two teenagers in the street in Poplar in February.

Detective Constable Smith added: "Both victims were subjected to a horrendous attack by Padmore. The motive behind this assault still remains unclear but what is clear is that Padmore intended to cause serious harm to both victims, with potentially fatal injuries to one of them.

"One of his victims was stabbed so many times he was just minutes away from dying. It was only thanks to the medical intervention at the scene that he lived."

Met Police officers say they hope his lengthy jail term highlights the real damage knife crime and violence can do to people's lives.