Three Security Guards Cleared Of Manslaughter At Heathrow

16 December 2014, 18:11 | Updated: 16 December 2014, 18:55

Three G4S Security guards have been cleared of killing a man being deported from Heathrow to Angola.

The men were accused of forcing 46-year-old Jimmy Mubenga's head down, restricting his breathing, on the plane in 2010.By the time the cabin crew raised the alarm, Mr Mubenga had collapsed and gone into cardiac arrest. He died later in hospital.

The guards always denied restraining him, and insisted they never heard him shout that he was struggling to breathe.

The jury, which retired yesterday, found the three men not guilty of Mr Mubenga's manslaughter following a six-week trial at the Old Bailey.

Mr Mubenga's widow Adrienne Makenda Kambana sat in court throughout most of the evidence - although at times appeared to be overcome with emotion.

The three guards - Terrence Hughes, Colin Kaler, and Stuart Tribelnig - say they "bitterly regret" the death of Mr Mubenga.