West End Parking Charges Postponed

Plans to bring in parking charges on evenings and weekends in the West End are being put back until AFTER the Olympics

Westminster Council have delayed the controversial introduction of parking charges on evenings and weekends until after the Olympic Games.

Councillor Colin Barrow said: "The judge rejected 10 of the 12 grounds for judicial review submitted by the applicants, but it does also require us to postpone implementation of the scheme, pending the full hearing.

"We are confident that we will be successful at such a hearing on the strengths of our arguments, the comprehensive consultation and the need to make central London less congested."

Mayor of London Boris Johnson had earlier tweeted "Well done Westminster for dropping parking charges. Right thing for London."

From January 9 there would have been a levy until midnight Monday to Saturday and from 3pm to 6pm on Sundays. Motorists would have paid between £2.20 and £4.40 an hour to park at meters, netting Westminster Council an estimated £7m a year.

The council said the aim was not to "generate revenue" but to keep the streets "clean, safe and vibrant".

However, a study commissioned by West End businesses claimed the charges would cost them up to £800m a year and put 5,100 jobs at risk.