Service To Remember Earthquake Victims

2 March 2011, 19:47 | Updated: 9 March 2011, 16:52

New Zealanders have gathered at Westminster Cathedral to remember those who died in the devastating Christchurch earthquake.

About 1500 London-based New Zealanders were expected to attend the service, along with the New Zealand High Commissioner, Derek Leask.

A message from the nation's Prime Minister, John Key, was read out during the event and singers from the London Maori club, Ngati Ranana, provided music for the service.

Bronwyn Horton, who organised the service, told Heart:

"I've got direct family who are living in Christchurch, obviously they are very shocked.

"I do have a very good school friend who is still unaccounted for, which is very difficult.

They're going through the victim identification process right now, which is very stressful for the family."

A British taskforce including 4 specialist Metropolitan police officers has arrived in Christchurch to help identify victims.

The team includes a family liaison officer, a photographer, pathologist, and a fingerprint expert.