Global's Make Some Noise Supports Theodora Children’s Trust

Projects Global's Make Some Noise supports in your area deliver life changing work and help to give children a brighter future. Projects like Theodora Children’s Trust.

Theodora Children’s Trust sends professional performers called Giggle Doctors to hospitals, hospices and specialist centres across the UK to brighten the days of sick, disabled and terminally ill children. Make Some Noise will send a Giggle Doctor to visit the children at Lewisham hospital twice a month, bringing a smile to 528 children at the hospital over the year.

Dr Tony O’Sullivan, Director of Children’s Services at Lewisham Healthcare appreciates the positivity the Giggle Doctors bring; “The scheme has made a real difference to the children that we care for – bringing a huge smile to their faces. Many people say that laughter is the best medicine, and the Giggle Doctors, alongside our highly trained medical staff, make a fantastic team”.

Parents have noticed the difference the Giggle Doctor makes too, “Tyler has spent the first 15 months of his life in hospital, had 3 cardiac surgeries and a stroke.  That was the first time I’ve seen him smile in 3 days.  Dr Dovetail and Dr Geehee always make him laugh, even when he’s critical.  They even concentrate on his right side after he had his stroke.  It’s so lovely to have a bit of normality in hospital.”