Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 16th July

Hiya! How’s your Tuesday been? Hot, I imagine? It’s pretty warm outside, apparently it’s going to be even hotter tomorrow! On today’s show, we were talking about jealousy….of the Facebook variety!

You know what it’s like, you’re sat at home with 4 Cats & Super Noodles for company, and all you see are pictures of your mates perfect life, perfect husband, and perfect, beautiful baby. Yes, I am talking from experience. And yes, I am jealous. Of course, it’s only a rose tinted snapshot of their probably imperfect life, and they’re possibly occasionally jealous of my singleton lifestyle too. All in all, it just goes to show, we ALL suffer from the green eyed social networking monster.
So – what have you seen on your Facebook timeline today that has made you jealous?
Dan - Pictures of people at the premiere of The Wolverine in London! I wanna meet Hugh Jackman!!
Tony - I see pics of my friend living in Tenerife I never knew she lived there!
Gabrielle - Someone lying in their rectangle padding pool on a lilo!!
Em - My mates are graduating! I have a year left!
Claire - Hi JK & Lucy, I have just checked my Facebook and my daughter's friend has just posted that she is at the X Factor auditions with her mum, my daughter and a few others and sitting extremely close to Gary Barlow! Yeah..... I am very jealous at that status!!!
Katherine - Someone eating pizza... so I've ordered some for my dinner!
Amy - Everyone talking about sitting in their paddling pools... We can't find any in shops anywhere!!!!!
Rachel - Friends on holiday eating out/having a nice drink in the sun!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!