Friday 22nd July

Most of the schools in London break up for the summer holidays today and because it’s the last day of term we get to do what we like! Jamie brought in games – Mousetrap, Snakes & Ladders, Twister, Buckaroo, Operation, Kerplunk and Yahtzee. Harriet brought in Bopit Extreme 2! Have a listen to us celebrating the end of term below.

Jamie’s been thinking back to his childhood and remembering some of the films that freaked him out a bit. Films like Watership Down, Bambi and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory all left us a bit spooked back in the day!

Brad Pitt has been spotted in Richmond Park this week taking pictures of deer. He’s been in Surrey filming scenes for his new film, World War Z.

A source said: "Brad has been staying near Richmond for the past week and will be revisiting for the next few months.” Great! We’ll be heading to Richmond for a star-spotting picnic if the weather stays nice.

Well done to Phil from Hornchurch who proved he was wide awake on Wakey Wakey today. He got 5 questions right so we’ll send him a Heart Breakfast alarm clock to make sure he’s wide awake every morning.

Tracey from Ashford scored 6 on Hearticulate so a Heart Breakfast alarm clock will also be coming her way.

And Mel from Stanmore bagged a whole load of prizes including a Harry Potter Goody Bag and a cuddly meerkat in Freebie Friday. Well done Mel.

Enjoy your weekend. We’ll see you on Monday. Bradley Cooper's on the show next week!

Jamie And Harriet Celebrate The End Of Term On Heart Breakfast - 22nd July 2011