Friday 13th January

If you’re a sufferer of Friggatriskaidekaphobia then sorry, today’s just not your day… Jamie and Harriet are feeling your pain in fact Harriet can’t even say the word, let alone understand it! If you’re wondering what it means and how it’s pronounced click below.

Yakutia is officially the coldest place in the northern hemisphere, so even the cattle need to be prepared for very low temperatures. With it sometimes reaching minus 55 degrees Celsius, some farmers have taken to producing hand-made rabbit fur accessories for their animals!

The cow bras are said to consist of a rabbit fur pouch for their udders which is held in place through a series of straps. Well, nobody wants frozen milk do they?

We’ve a brand new feature on Monday – it’s a quiz about pop. The thing is, what should it be called. We convened a focus meeting at Heart Towers, got the biggest brains and top management suits to analyse the data and in the end we came up with – Pop Quiz! Genius!

Monday is also known as “Blue Monday” by some people as it’s said to be the day we’re most unhappy. Well, we’re having none of that! We’ll be giving you reasons to smile throughout the show – promise!

Have a great weekend. Set your alarm for Monday at 6am.

Friggatriskaidekaphobia On Heart Breakfast - 13th January 2012