Friday 14th October

Jamie’s young son, Sid has a bit of difficulty pronouncing certain words. The name of a well-know fizzy drink is a particular challenge! Click below to listen – it’s very cute.

Apparently, the clutch bag is the new fashion for men. Of course we had to try this out! Click here to see Jamie modelling a range of stylish bags and vote for your favourite.

It’s been a straight run for 9 year old Daisy from Cobham on The Generation Gap. Her grandad’s knowledge of kids’ TV sadly wasn’t up to scratch today so that means she doesn’t have to clean Grandad’s car! We’ll meet another contender on Monday in the game where the kids go head-to-head with the grown-ups.

There are now only 5 more chances to knock New Eltham from the top of the Battle Of The Boroughs leaderboard. Up to the challenge? Give us a call on Monday.

We announced this morning that Heart’s Artist Of The Year 2011 is Bruno Mars. If you’d like to see him live at an exclusive Heart gig make sure you’re listening on Monday.

We’ve got loads going on next week. Matt Cardle will be dropping in for a chat and Emma Bunton will be Spicing Up Your Life with some amazing prizes. Have a great weekend!

Zucolade On Heart Breakfast - 14th October 2011