Friday 18th November

It’s a tough life being in the X Factor putting up with the acid put-downs of the judges, not knowing if you’ll survive the week and having to use the toilet in the contestants’ house! We had some good news though for Amelia, Marcus and Misha B so we woke them up to get them in to the Heart Breakfast studio to hear it! Have a listen below…

Where would you find the world’s most expensive mince pie? Buckingham Palace? Simon Cowell’s house? No – Ilford. The pie’s worth £3000 and will be on display for one month until 19th December. It’s brushed with eggnog and contains a 1920s cognac and a platinum coin. It’s a bit out of our price range unfortunately so we’ll have to have Jamie’s Auntie Gladys’ for another year!

On Freebie Friday we like to give away everything in the Heart Breakfast prize cupboard. Of course, we have to try it all out to make sure it's working properly (you wouldn't want us giving away rubbish would you?!). See Jamie and Emma trying out the pair of lightsabers we give to Sharon from Ashford below!

Want to see The Wanted live? In Tenerife? On Monday we’ll have your chance to see the boys so make sure you’re by your phone and you’ve got your passport ready!

Also on Monday Emma could be Spicing Up Your Life by giving you an amazing prize. Have a great weekend!

X Factor Contestants Marcus, Amelia And Misha B On Heart Breakfast 181111