Friday 19th August

Today is National Hug Your Boss Day. Don’t worry if this has completely passed you by – apparently 37% of us wouldn’t consider giving their boss a hug. Neither would Jamie and Harriet. Click below to find out why!

Prince William and Katherine miniature dolls are now available. If you want to recreate the fun of the Royal wedding in your own home the dolls will cost you £50 each. The Kate doll includes her earrings, tiara, engagement and wedding rings, bridal bouquet, shoes, and “something blue” knickers, which bear the designer’s “signature ribbons and attention to detail” in “a sweet and lovely child-like version. What do you make of them? Click here to have a look!

We traded our pink car radio in Trade For Treasure. What for? Click here to find out!

Heart Breakfast’s Staycation rolls on… If you want something to occupy the kids during the summer holidays we can help you out. This morning, we sent Debbie from Farnborough to the Dr Who Experience and Nick from Rainham, Kent to London Zoo and The London Dungeon. More chances to win next week.

Because Jamie was naughty yesterday, we gave him a one match ban on Hearticulate. That meant Debbie in Croxley Green had to play with Harriet. She’ll be pleased she did though – she scored a mighty 9 which got her tickets to Jolly Day Out.

Kris from Feltham proved she was wide awake on Wakey Wakey getting all 5 questions right.

And the entire contents of the Heart Breakfast prize cupboard went to Joan from Hampstead. Harriet also promised to nip round to her house to help with the decorating!

Jamie and Harriet are off on their holidays next week so Tom and Charlie will be waking you up on Monday from 6.

Jamie And Harriet Hug The Boss - 19th August 2011