Friday 25th November

A survey of drivers has found that nearly half of us think it’s normal to name our cars. Popular names for runarounds include “Rooney”, “Angelina” and “Prince William”. Emma used to have a little Metro called Talula which was named after the character from Bugsy Malone. Find out why Ian calls his van “The Chuckle Bus” and what Debbie calls her car by clicking below…

And talking of cars, Jamie’s going to be the Star In A Reasonably Priced Car later today at Top Gear Live. We thought it would be a good idea to put him and Emma through their paces with a few laps on Gran Tourismo. Jamie got disqualified and Emma hardly made it past the starting grid. Hope you do better this afternoon Jamie!

If you’re struggling a bit with all the Christmas shopping then Heart Breakfast can help you out. We’ve got £10,000 to spend at Sainsbury’s to be won next week! You could get all your festive food bought in one go.

Also next week, we’ll have your chance to see X Factor star Rebecca Ferguson live. Have a great weekend.

Motor Monograms On Heart Breakfast - 25th November 2011