Friday 3rd June

He’s the all-singing all-dancing Spanish teacher from Glee… We know him as Mr Schue but he’s actually Matthew Morrison. He’s got a brand new solo album out and he’s here in London to promote it. Have a listen below to find out how long he expects to be in Glee, who his dream guests would be and what he’s got planned for the future.

You’ve heard of the phrase “an animal in the bedroom?”. This morning we discovered that 1 in 4 of us lets a pet sleep in our bed! Jamie lets his cat sleep on his trousers so they’re nice and warm in the morning (but a bit hairy!)

Maxine from New Eltham will have a good weekend. She’ll be out shopping with her £1000 designer handbag and accessories. Nice work Maxine!

Alison in Bexleyheath made us feel good this morning. Her auntie’s coming to stay with her this weekend. She’s not seen her for over 20 years and is looking forward to a family reunion. Because Alison made us feel good, we returned the favour and gave her £300 from our Colgate Feelgood Fund.

Jan’s a big Bryan Adams fan. She scored 6 on Hearticulate so will be checking Bryan out when he comes to the O2 in December. More chances for you to be there next week.

And of course Friday means… Freebie Friday! With the help of Mr Schue, Leanne from Lewisham grabbed a load of goodies from the conveyor belt including a George Foreman Grill, signed Glee DVDs and two pairs of Help For Heroes pants!

Jamie’s off on holiday next week so Harriet will be here with Tom Evans. We’ll have some important Take That news – what could that possibly be?

Have a great weekend in the sunshine. See you on Monday.

Matthew Morrison From Glee Drops In To Heart Breakfast With Jamie And Harriet 3rd June 2011