Friday 6th January

If Jamie ruled the world pizza would be free and everyone would wear tank tops! A poll's revealed the list of which fictional leaders we'd most like to see in charge. To find out who they are (and how Harriet once wound up Morgan Freeman!) click below…

The average woman tells almost 500 lies a year about her eating habits – that’s almost nine fibs a week! Among the biggest porkies are “I didn’t touch any of the biscuits” and “it was only a small portion”. Phrases heard quite a lot in the Heart Breakfast studio!

On Monday we’ll have your first chance to hear our secret celebrities… You could win up to £50,000 if you can tell us Who’s On Heart. Also, Jamie’s Jetaway returns with your opportunity to fly off to some great destinations including Crete, Egypt and Lanzarote.

Have a great weekend!

Who's In Charge On Heart Breakfast - 6th January 2012