Friday 8th July

Friday’s here at last and one person’s going to get a bit more than the Friday Feeling tonight if they win the Euromillions!

The jackpot’s reached £166 million after 13 rollovers. If one person wins today they’ll be as rich as the Beckhams. They could easily retire, living on the £9000 per day interest. We’ve bought our tickets so, if we’re not here on Monday you’ll know what’s happened!                                                                                                            

Jamie had the day off today so the lovely Jason Donovan was bribed with piles of bacon sandwiches to come and sit in for him! Jason told us all about the time he turned up for the wrong wedding, how he was invited into Gary Barlow’s dressing room and how the catering is the most important thing to him when he’s on tour! Jase is back on Sunday from midday on Heart.

Michelle from Gadebridge took a chance and played with Jason on Hearticulate this morning. She scored 6 (just!) so we’ll send her to see Chicago The Musical at the Cambridge Theatre. If you’re a Ricky Martin fan make sure you play the game next week!

Friday means Freebie Friday and a whole stack of goodies for Melanie from Broxbourne including a golden snitch from Harry Potter, a Heart Breakfast alarm clock and a pair of fluffy flip flops! We open the prize cupboard every Friday so don’t miss your chance to be a winner next week.

On Monday Jamie’s back and we’ll be giving away a holiday to Majorca. Enjoy your weekend!