Harriet's Blog: The Only Way is Sudocrem

The merest hint of nappy rash and a dollop an inch thick lands on my kids' behinds.

I even have to keep my nails short to avoid it getting stuck in my fingers and to make sure I can get right down to the bottom of the tub of this miracle cream.

I have to admit, though, that I usually tend to hide it behind the more pretty looking products I've been given as presents but never use. It's drab grey plastic and basic white and red labelling make it look more like part of a World War II rations pack than a desirable beauty product.

Who could ever have imagined that this humble cream, with its unassuming packaging and price tag, could become such a celebrity beauty favourite? Last week Chloe Sims revealed on The Only Way Is Essex that she uses Sudocrem on her face to fight spots, resulting in an overnight rise in sales of 146%.

And if it's good enough for glamourous Chloe then it's good enough for me. I now proudly display my tubs of Sudocrem in my bathroom and
leave my changing bag gaping open at play dates to reveal the tell tale distinctive packaging.

I'm still not convinced I'll be swapping it for my usual face moisturiser, though, and my chemist had better not run out of stock as I'm sure as hell not putting my beloved Clarins on my baby's backside.