Harriet's Blog: I Will Get Back into my Skinny Jeans

Summer's clearly on it's way and I've spent the weekend digging out my summer clothes from the loft.

With a 2 year old and a 5 month old I feel like I've spent the last 3 years being pregnant so I hardly recognise some of these clothes.  
We did a story on the show recently about the numbers of women who hoard clothes in the hope that they will one day fit in to them again.  And actually I remember the wording being "in the vain hope that they will one day fit in to them.'" I think that's kind of cruel. Unless I'm just one of the many disillusioned women out there, I truly believe I can get back in to my favourite skinny jeans some day soon. Even if just for the summer!
There is a sort of plan for getting back in to my skinny jeans and this involves trying to banish my sweet tooth that I developed during my pregnancies (that's what I'm blaming anyway...), and making the pilgrimage to my lovely new gym.

I've never described a gym in such glowing terms but that's because this one (the David Lloyd in Finchley) knows how to draw you in. I turned up to an open day and my kids spend all afternoon being entertained in the kids area so I was sold. And after a few afternoons drinking lattes in the soft play area I found myself dumping the kids in the creche and actually enjoying the prospect of working out again for the first time in 3 years.

It feels good to feel the burn again and I may even be developing some stomach muscles after all this time. The skinny jeans are not going to be making an appearance any time soon, but they're also not heading to a charity shop near you just yet.