Monday 10th October

As a top chef, Jamie Oliver’s pretty much sampled every type of food there is. We prepared some tasty treats for him to tuck into but would he know what he was eating? Have a listen below!

As the dark nights are drawing in does the blackness bother you? Researchers have found out that nearly 20 million British adults are terrified of walking around the house with the lights off! Jamie isn’t scared of course but the thought of him wandering around the house in just his pants put us all off our breakfast!

We spoke to Harriet on the phone who confirmed her and new baby, Max are doing fine. He’s spending most of his time sleeping – just like Jamie and he’s got a full head of hair (not like Jamie!).

9 year old Daisy Newton got off to a strong start on the Generation Gap this morning. She beat her dad, Mark on day one which means dad has to take Daisy and her sisters swimming. Tomorrow, Daisy takes on her mum. Listen just after 8 to find out who’s smarter – the kids or the grown-ups!

We’ve only got two weeks to go now in Battle Of The Boroughs. Southend still reign with a total time of 35.95 seconds. If you’d like to represent your area and maybe have a statue erected in your honour give us a call during the show tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Emma will be Spicing Up Your Life with a family pass to Chessington to be won. Also, you could be £2000 richer. Make sure you’re listening in the morning.

Jamie Oliver On Heart Breakfast - 10th October 2011