Monday 23rd May

Last week Jamie and Harriet agreed that the weight Harriet puts on during her pregnancy, Jamie has to lose. After a week of sunbathing, loafing around and attending the opening of his mate’s new pizza restaurant, Jamie was ready to step onto the scales… How’s he getting on? Find out by clicking the link below!

Once is usually enough but Michael Buble actually tied the knot for the third time this weekend. We wondered what lengths you’d gone to to celebrate your big day. Hear what Terri from Chesham’s got planned below.

Ever had an encounter with a penguin? No? Neither have we but Sean from Mill Hill will get the chance soon! He correctly identified JLS’ Beat Again as the song our penguins were dancing to at our pool party. If you’d like to win a VIP penguin encounter at ZSL London Zoo make sure you’re listening tomorrow. 

Well done to Lloyd from Chadwell Heath who got all 5 Absurd Words this morning. An exclusive Heart Breakfast mug is in the post on its way to him...

If you’d like to enjoy a night of horse racing and see X Factor finalists like Rebecca Ferguson and Aiden Grimshaw play live then make sure you give Hearticulate a go this week.  Helen from Stoke Newington was our winner today scoring 6 with Harriet and the Objects category.

See you tomorrow!

Terri Calls Heart Breakfast To Talk About Her Wedding Plans - 23rd May 2011

Heart Breakfast - Week 1 Of Jamie's Pregnancy Diet - 23rd May 2011