Monday 25th July

The Speaking Clock celebrated precisely 75 years of timekeeping yesterday. Obviously there was a big party and Jamie and Harriet made a quick call in the aftermath of the celebrations. Does the Speaking Clock sound her age? Have a listen below!

Jamie exposed Harriet’s big fibs on the show this morning. She revealed that she’d once made up some imaginary kittens to make her more popular at school. When her friends asked if they could come over to have a look she had to kill them off! Naughty Harriet!

Joanne Travel told us she’d written to Nathan from Brother Beyond asking to be his friend! We’re not quite sure what Nathan made of that – hopefully he passed the letter on to the relevant authorities.

It was a good start to the week for Paul in Hayes. He proved he was wide awake in Wakey Wakey getting all 5 questions right and winning a Heart Breakfast alarm clock.

And congratulations to Marilyn from Chigwell. She scored 8 on Hearticulate winning herself a family pass to the Lollibop festival coming to Regents Park.

We’re back tomorrow. Have a great day.

Jamie And Harriet Call The Speaking Clock - 25th July 2011