Monday 7th November

The creator of The Office and Extras is back! Who’s his favourite Spice Girl? Is he taller than Tom Cruise? What’s his favourite Sister Sledge song? Click below to find out!

Hope you enjoyed the fireworks over the weekend. Jamie’s bonfire party went without incident (okay, something minor involving a Catherine wheel!) Joanne Travel didn’t have to pay to see a display as both her neighbours had them in their gardens!

All this week we’ll have more chances for you to win your way in to the premiere of Cirque Du Soleil’s Totem on 5th January. We’ll also put you up for the night at The Savoy! You just need to score 6 or more on Hearticulate to be a winner.

Tomorrow Jamie and Emma will be lighting up Regent Street along with Bill Nighy, Kelly Clarkson and Matt Cardle. We’ll be chatting to Bill on the show tomorrow.

Have a lovely day!

Ricky Gervais On Heart Breakfast - 7th November 2011