Monday 8th August

Jamie’s been feeling inspired by the return of Dragons’ Den to our TV screens. He’s come up with an amazing new idea that’s sure to be a business success. What is it? Find out below!

We all know Jamie has massive size 11s and Harriet’s are tiny but how big are your feet? A new survey shows that demand for larger size shoes is growing among women. The average female shoe size has increased to size 6 over the last 10 years. Nicole Kidman, Michelle Obama and Paris Hilton all have larger than average feet.

How would you like to treat your family to an amazing weekend away? All this week, we’ve got chances for you to win a two day family pass to Alton Towers. You’ll enjoy all the rides and we’ll put you up overnight at one of the park’s lovely hotels. Janice from Devon and Lucy from St Albans were today’s winners.

Tracey from Chelmsford gave us a call to play Wakey Wakey. She did well, getting all five questions correct and a Heart Breakfast alarm clock.

And Ronnie from Bickley was on his way to Brighton this morning. He got 6 playing with Jamie and the “objects” category so he’s also the proud owner of a Heart Breakfast alarm clock.

Have a great day. See you tomorrow.

Jamie's Clever Dragons' Den Idea - 8th August 2011