Monday 9th January

It’s back by popular demand – your chance to escape the winter blues and jet off to the sunshine. Jamie’s lined up some amazing breaks for you to win and it could happen at any time. If you get through, just three questions stand between you and your boarding pass. Have a listen to Helen below – she was our first winner this morning.

Happy birthday to Kate Middleton who turns 30 today. Harriet’s also got a big birthday coming up soon. She’s having two parties – a boozy one for the grown ups and one with jelly and ice cream for the kids. Let’s hope she sends the right invitations to the right people!

Tomorrow, Heston Blumenthal will be dropping in to the Heart Breakfast studio. Harriet’s hoping he’ll be creative and set fire to something. Jamie hopes he doesn’t set fire to Joanne! If you’ve got any questions for Heston, let us know on our Facebook page.

And, make sure you keep listening to Heart. You could win big money if you can identify the secret celebrities with Who’s On Heart.

See you tomorrow x

Helen Wins On Jamie's Jetaway - 9th January 2012