Thursday 13th October

Yesterday, the challenge was set! Could Jamie and Emma sneak the phrase “banana hammock” onto Loose Women. Did they rise to the challenge? Did the Loose Women notice? Have a listen below to find out!

We know it’s a bit early but we can’t help getting just a little excited about Christmas! Last year, Heston Blumenthal created a Christmas pudding with a whole orange in the middle. This year he’s gone for a mince pie that smells like Christmas trees. Amazing! Let us know when you want our present list!

Thursday’s Generation Gap saw another victory for 9 year old Daisy from Cobham. Today, her knowledge of chocolate helped her beat her Uncle Woz. She’s being treated to a night out bowling for being so clever. How will she get on against her nan tomorrow. Listen after 8 to find out.

Not long to go now in Battle Of The Boroughs. New Eltham still towers above the rest with a time of 33.74 seconds. Think you can answer 10 questions correctly in a faster time? Give us a call tomorrow.

Tomorrow we’ll be revealing who Heart’s Artist Of The Year is – this person’s a big star and you could get to see them perform live! Also tomorrow, another chance to win £2000 courtesy of Wowcher, we’ll be chatting to Jason Donovan ahead of his performance on Strictly and… it’s Freebie Friday!

So How Did We Get On? - 13th October 2011