Thursday 16th June

Harriet's Ascot tip yesterday ended up 17th. We'll see if her horse today can fair any better...

First thing this morning Joanne Travel told us she's bought some fish! Her little boy, Henry, has apparently been stood there waiting for the next feeding time! She was asking for name ideas? (If it helps, our fish in the office are called 'Fish' and 'Alan'!)

Everytime there is a horse race of any kind Jamie knows one lady who can help him out! That's our Harriet! She has a talent, and we'd like to nurture that! (She's not quite hit gold yet though!). Today we found out that Harriet's horse tip from yesterday came in at 17th place! Today Harriet's tip is "Fictional Account" (that's him in the picture!) He's running in the Gold Cup at 3.45pm today. Find out how it went on tomorrow morning's show! 

We asked you for your Baby Shower ideas... Jaime from Kingsbury suggested "Pin the Dummy on the Baby"! Other ideas suggested involved nappies, dummies, potties and water balloons. 

Heart's Take That Ticket Office opened again during the show today, and we gave away just one pair of tickets to lucky Gary, whose wife will be very pleased! Make sure you listen in tomorrow from 6 for your chance to win! 

On tomorrow's show we have our Mayor joining us for a chat. If you have any questions you'd like to ask Boris Johnson then let us know via the comments below...

Finally today's Brain of Breakfast... 

Start with the date of valentines day; 
multiply by the number of wrongs that don't make a right,
minus the number of boys in JLS
add the number of legs a spider; 
minus half a dozen.

The answer will be on our facebook page at 1pm! 

Harriet Chooses Fictional Account for the Gold Cup