Thursday 21st July

Harriet got a bit of a surprise this morning thanks to one of her old school teachers. Jamie was sent one of her school reports from when she was 14. Among the comments were ‘Harriet is, on occasions, distracted by those around her and lacks focus to the task at hand’ and more worryingly ‘since last term’s incident, Harriet’s overall behaviour has improved’! We’re sure there’s more to the story than that but Harriet’s not giving anything away!

The personal computer has now overtaken the family dog as 'man's best friend'. A recent survey discovered almost two thirds of us consider our computers as "a more constant companion than a dog". Have you ever tried creating a spreadsheet on a dog though? It’s impossible!

Researchers say the heft of some medieval armour was so great that it may have even affected the outcome of some famous battles. Jamie, keen as ever to test the theory donned his own suit of armour. Have a listen below.

Our new game, Wakey Wakey is making sure everyone’s wide awake in London first thing in the morning. Emma in Cheshunt sounded wide awake but couldn’t tell us how many days there are in a leap year! Not as awake as we thought then. There’ll be another chance to play tomorrow.

Sue from Camberley did alright on Hearticulate though. She scored 6 with Harriet and “objects”.

We’ll see you bright and early in the morning and don’t forget… it’s Freebie Friday!

Jamie Tries On A Suit Of Armour On Heart Breakfast - 21st July 2011