Thursday 23rd June

One of the highlights of Wimbledon for us is Hawk-Eye, the clever computer system that can tell a tennis player if they’re in or out. Jamie was feeling inspired down the pub to come up with his own version of Hawk-Eye using the phone. Have a listen below.

Elton John’s holding his annual White Tie And Tiara Ball tonight. Jamie went a few years ago and Victoria Beckham stole his pudding. He’s still not forgiven her for it!

A new range of fragrances has been developed to match Britain’s favourite curry dishes. We sampled them in the studio. Harriet will now smell of vindaloo for the rest of the day (no change there then!).

Heart’s Take That Ticket Office could open at any time. This morning we gave a very excited Maria from Barking her tickets to see the boys at Wembley. You could be our next big winner on Heart!

Thursday’s Brain Of Breakfast question was set by Hayley from Purley…

Start with the sides on a triangle, multiply by the number of members in JLS, add the number of days in a year minus the number of letters in Harriet.

The answer will be on tomorrow’s Heart Breakfast blog. Yesterday’s answer was 8.

Tomorrow, Kym Marsh will be popping in for a chat… and it’s Freebie Friday!

Jamie And Harriet Play In Or Out On Heart Breakfast - 23rd June 2011